Since 1989, Cancer Progress has provided discussions of scientific progress in Oncology within the context of development, regulatory, clinical, commercial and investment perspectives over three days of provocative, informative panel discussions.

Our 33rd annual meeting took place on May 10-12, 2022. The event featured 22 panels, 109 speakers, and over 450 registrants from over 265 companies and 23 countries.

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  • Patients Front and Center
  • How to Catch and Treat Cancer Early
  • Cancer Vaccination: where it fits and what is holding us back?
  • State of the Art in Immuno-Oncology: Beyond PDx Inhibitors – or Not So Much
  • The Latest Potential “Paradigm-Shifters”
  • ADC “The Next Generation”
  • Biotech Corporate Strategy: Inflecting Value – Partnering Versus Go It Alone
  • Synergy Is a Four Letter Word
  • When Advances in Biology Crash the Business Model: Moving the Discussion Beyond the Price of Cancer Drugs
  • What’s Hot/What’s Not for Startups in the Quasi-Post-Pandemic Oncology World?
  • Biotech versus Pharma Perspectives – Clinical Development Strategy
  • Cancer Vaccines Redux: mRNA, Oncolytic Viruses, Or Good Old-Fashioned Peptides – Is It the Target(s), Immunization Platform, Clin Dev Strategy, or All of the Above?
  • Does RNA Rule the World?
  • Degraders & Beyond: The Rise of Diverse Heterobifunctional Molecules
  • Overcoming barriers to CAR-T cell therapy for solid tumors
  • Into the Unknown – Bringing New Modalities into Solid Tumors
  • Growing Pains – Navigating the Precipitous Path Towards Commercialization
  • Tortoises and Hares – De-risking Strategies Towards Multiplexed Candidates
  • Selling the Cell – Cost-benefit Considerations for Complex Therapeutics
  • Building on Success – Clinical and Commercial Dynamics in Heme Malignancies and Hematopoietic Transplantation
  • Tools of the Trade – Strategic Positioning of Emerging Cell Types, Target Discovery Engines, and Gene Engineering Tools
  • Battle of the Modalities: The Sequel to the Sequel – Revenge of the Nerds

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