From Cancer Progress 2022

Moderator: Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA, SVP, BioConsulting, Head of Advanced Therapeutics and Rare Diseases, Lumanity


  • Richard Boyd, PhD, CSO, Cartherics
  • William Ho, Director, President, CEO, and Co-Founder, In8bio
  • Reagan Jarvis, CEO and Scientific Founder, Anocca
  • Lynnet Koh, CEO & Founder, Targazyme, Inc.
  • Derek Ostertag, PhD, Co-Founder and SVP R&D

With so many high-profile deals and fundraising rounds, its easy to lose sight of the technologies themselves and how they’re quickly transforming the ways in which even the term ‘therapeutic’ can be defined.  Cell therapy in particular is a place for the biochemical equivalent of ‘gear-heads’, those of us who enjoy getting in the weeds on different cell types, enabling modifications, and discovery engines. 

The truly successful among us, however, are those that can quickly pull out the ‘so what?’ from such sophisticated technologies in a way that resonates with key stakeholders such as investors, partners, and patients.  This panel will walk the walk across that unwieldy but all-too-important tightrope between the technology and applications in which it must inflect value.