What does it take to ride the highs and lows and deliver launch success? That’s what Lumanity set out to answer in its live Q4 2022 webinar: The Launch Rollercoaster.

Topics include:

  • Reshaping HCP perceptions by nurturing trust
  • Rules to help manage stakeholders’ perceptions across the launch timeframe
  • Building and fostering collaboration
  • How agile methodologies and organizational muscle memory are key to business momentum
  • Delivering a true omni-channel experience
  • The power of the patient voice

“There is more pressure than ever to get a launch right first time, but the odds of this happening are diminishing. Very few launches exceed expectations, while many aspects of asset development are complex and fraught with challenge. This puts more emphasis on planning for success.”

Jane Shirley, Global Practice Head, Asset Optimization and Commercialization, Lumanity.