It’s Time for Some New Language and Models for Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare brands need some new terminology and new models argues Giles Lury in his thinking piece for pharmaphorum. He suggests much of the current terminology for target audiences is no longer really fit for purpose and that too many of the maps are still rooted in old fashioned FMCG thinking.
Jan 13, 2020
Rare Diseases: Why Lexicon Matters
I often find myself cringing when I use the industry-accepted word “rare” to describe a condition or disease. As a patient advocate, I find this term to be insensitive, misleading, and at times even a little cruel.
View Aug 26, 2019
Part II: Planning the H.A.C. Event
All in, planning the hackathon took five months. In post-event debriefs among the H.A.C. MBC committee, three overarching themes for hosting a successful hackathon emerged: 
View May 22, 2019