From Bioinformatics to Clinical Validation: Advance the Neoantigen Story & Achieve Potent Tumorigenic Immune Responses from Vaccine & Immunotherapies

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Commercializing Neoantigens: Uniting Neoantigen & Cancer Vaccines to Compete with Other Treatments for Patients

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM EST
Day: (Workshop A) October 24, 2022


  • Jeffrey Bockman, EVP, BioConsulting, Head of Oncology, Lumanity
  • Nicole Ruggiero, CEO, EpiVax Therapeutics


Take part in the broader discussion on neoantigens in the context of a
broader consideration of where cancer vaccines are headed. Join the
leading discussion on how vaccines can outperform other treatment options
and immuno-oncology modalities. Get ahead of the curve and see how
far the field has progressed in terms of translating great ideas into clinical

  • Outperforming other therapies and treatment options by translating great ideas into clinical realities
  • Testing potency is not available for individualized products – how can this be solved for more off the shelf products?
  • Reflecting nuances in shared vs. individualized vs. cell therapy neoantigens

Engineering Matters to Counter the Tumor Microenvironment (TME) for Better Persistence

Time: 11:30AM EST
Day: October 25, 2022


  • Joel Sandler, PhD, Principal, BioConsulting, Cancer Cell Therapy Lead, Lumanity
  • Ramon Tiu, Head Of Oncology Cell Therapy Development, Takeda


  • Modifications to achieve blockade of checkpoints (e.g., PD1 KO) or other ligand signalling (e.g., TGFbeta dominant negative)
  • ‘Armouring’ cells with membrane-bound or secreted cytokines
  • Modulation of TME itself to increase tumor ‘warmth’
  • Dual- and multi-targeting to prevent antigen escape
  • Increasing the safety of therapies by adding ‘switches’ to turn on/off expression of required matters