Patients as Partners EU is designed for pharma and patient advocacy leadership to share best practices on the implementation of patient partnering to drive greater efficiencies in medicines development.

Lumanity will be presenting on a panel presentation at the conference on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 12:10-12:45pm GMT
Implementing a Patient Insights Framework to Enhance Clinical Development and Patient Engagement

It is essential to include the patient voice to better understand how patient involvement in clinical research can accelerate medicine development and reduce patient burden. This panel provides action steps as to how the industry can advance patient engagement initiatives and how this transformation will allow for faster and more efficient clinical development.

  • Strategies to incorporate patient insights to adapt the trial design and make participation more accessible
  • Identifying patient requirements at different stages and how to turn those insights into action
  • Making patient input actionable for medicines development
  • How to keep patients engaged throughout the clinical trial and how to leverage those patient insights to improve the process

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