October 18-20, New York

This exclusive invitational forum provides invaluable time with more than 200 diverse experts representing every stakeholder of the cancer care ecosystem. Schedule time to meet with our attending staff by reaching out to contact@lumanity.com.

Lumanity is participating in two key opinion leader sessions:

Oncology Pipeline Report
With 75% of the pharmaceutical research and development focused on cancer drug development, this panel will explore and summarize the near-term innovative drugs and gene therapies coming to market in the next year. Additionally, the panel will provide an assessment on the impact and trends on the new cancer drug technologies and label expansions will have on the cancer care ecosystem.  


  • Cheryl Allen, MBA, BSPharm, Former Chief Growth Officer, PANTHERx Rare Pharmacy


  • Kelly McAuliff, PharmD, BCOP, CSP, Senior Clinical Manager, Oncology/Hematology, CVS Specialty
  • Jeffrey Bockman, PhD, Expert Advisor, Oncology, Head of Oncology Center of Excellence & EVP, Oncology Practice Head, Lumanity
  • Doug Long, Vice President, Industry Relations, IQVIA

Cancer Vaccines a New Treatment Paradigm 

After several decades, therapeutic cancer vaccines now show signs of efficacy and potential to help patients resistant to other standard-of-care immunotherapies, but they have yet to realize their full potential and expand the oncologic armamentarium. Decades of slow progress have provided proof of principle that cancer vaccines can indeed elicit systemic tumor regression, durable remission, and improvement in OS. Although therapeutic cancer vaccines represent an exciting frontier in the race to solve the age-old cancer treatment puzzle, identifying vaccine platforms that can achieve high immunogenicity is crucial. Moreover, addressing individual variations in tumor antigens is needed for better anti-tumor response.This panel will discuss the four pathways in vaccine development Cell-Based, Virus-Based, Peptide-Based and Nucleric-Based and how future research will focus on improving immunogenicity by optimizing combination therapy and refining vaccine platforms for better clinical outcomes.  


  • Jeffrey Bockman, PhD, Expert Advisor, Oncology, Head of Oncology Center of Excellence & EVP, Oncology Practice Head, Lumanity · Doug Long, Vice President, Industry Relations, IQVIA


  • Ryan Sullivan, MD, Associate Director, Harvard Medical School; Associate Director, Melanoma Program Mass General Cancer Center
  • Catherine J. Wu, MD, FAACR, Professor Medicine Harvard Medical School, Chair Preventative Therapies Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Jane Healy, MD, PhD, AVP, Clinical Oncology, Merck
  • Colleen Hussey, MBA, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Moderna
  • Jeffery S. Weber, MD, PhD, Deputy Director, Perlmutter Cancer Center · Mikael Dolsten, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and President Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer