I began my role as a senior associate strategy consultant in 2022. As a consultant, I work with a team to provide research driven solutions to complex problems for our clients, while building long term strategies that drive business success. I have been fortunate to work on a diverse range of projects including indication prioritization, commercialization strategy, launch planning, forecast modeling, and conference coverage across a range of therapeutic areas, including rare autoimmune and neuromuscular disorders, and oncology.

Typically, client interactions involve weekly or biweekly virtual check-ins, where we not only present our progress and findings, but also build a client-consultant relationship. These sessions involve presenting our findings and ensuring alignment with project goals. Preparation includes crafting concise presentations summarizing project objectives and key discoveries. All team members actively contribute to these meetings, fostering an environment conducive to robust discussions. Ultimately, these interactions culminate in delivering our final insights, often to a wider audience within the client’s organization.

To be successful as a consultant, one must be passionate about the work they do, as the solutions we deliver will have real significant impact on our clients and patients’ lives. Alongside passion, collaboration and inquisitiveness are important characteristics that lead to success as a consultant. Collaboration is key, as we leverage each other’s strengths and perspectives to find superior solutions. Listening and valuing diverse expertise within our teams are crucial aspects of our process. Our relentless pursuit of meaningful solutions is fueled by a genuine interest in solving complex problems.

The collaborative spirit of consulting goes further than client work at Lumanity, with collaboration on internal initiatives including new hire training (NHT) and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) group. In NHT creating a supportive environment for new colleagues is a priority, requiring active involvement from multiple team members, including senior leadership, in mentoring and teaching modules. This year, I have the privilege of being a new hire mentor and will assist with the professional development of my mentee in the first few months. Similarly, DEI is a collaborative effort, aimed at creating an inclusive and diverse environment by valuing each individual as a vital member of our community. The DEI working group has led numerous successful initiatives including microaggressions training and celebration of heritage months at Lumanity.

Overall, I find the day-to-day life of a consultant to differ depending on the project type, with the key underlying principles of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills being what remains consistent.  The dynamic nature of consulting demands adaptability and a proactive mindset. A consultant must be able to navigate their way through complex problems and embrace unforeseen challenges along the way. These efforts allow us to meet and exceed client expectations and develop long lasting client relationships. At Lumanity, we prioritize delivering unique solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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Sophia Kuipa, Senior Associate, Strategy Consulting