We want to meet you!

Cultivating leadership is paramount to our culture. We take our mission to train the next generation of life sciences leaders seriously. We embrace different goals, backgrounds, and interests by providing a multitude of opportunities to support the needs of our diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on building tailored solutions to complex problems for our clients and we refuse to use cookie-cutter frameworks. Instead, we rely on our consultants to approach each challenge with fresh and innovative ideas. As a result, we develop our people to be strategic thinkers who have the confidence to contribute and be successful in a broad range of project types and client situations. Thereby, we have designed our interview process to assess the breadth of capabilities required for your success.

Our Strategy Consulting interview process can involve multiple rounds of interviews. Interviews are a two-way process where we get to learn more about you, your professional accomplishments, and interests, as you discover who we are and showcase your authentic self.

What to expect

Initial Interview: You will begin with a one-on-one conversation with a strategy consultant. This is an opportunity for you to highlight your relevant experience and to communicate you interest at Lumanity. Your interviewer will ask you questions to understand your genuine interest and familiarity with the life sciences industry.

Quantitative case-based discussion: This interview will model a real-world situation with a client. You should be prepared to demonstrate the ability to structure a logical problem-solving approach, critical thinking, and quantitative aptitude. Strong candidates consistently highlight the strategic implications and business considerations underpinning their recommendations.

Industry-related article discussion: This discussion will be centered around a short, industry-relevant news piece that will be provided to you. The goal of the article discussion is to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the life sciences industry and your ability to go beyond the article and discuss broader market and strategic considerations relevant to our client work.

Management and Leadership team connect: These interviews will take a discussion-based format where your interviewers will be looking to further understand your qualifications, depth of thinking, critical reasoning, and coachability.

What we look for

We seek to understand who you are and your unique perspective.

  • Demonstrates interest in life science and business
  • Aptitude for logical thinking and analytical problem solving
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Creativity, intellectual curiosity, and self-motivation
  • Drive to efficiently deliver high-quality, impactful work
  • Ability to work effectively in highly-collaborative teams
  • Interest in facilitating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment