The term consulting has always been intimidating to me. As I was figuring out my next steps post-graduation with a neuroscience degree and a recent decision to no longer pursue the medical school path, I began exploring career routes that would allow me to make an impact in healthcare in a different way.  My first impression of life sciences consulting at Lumanity changed what being a consultant meant to me. Consulting now meant working with some of the brightest minds at all levels of the company and getting in-depth exposure to an innovative and meaningful industry. Consulting is a challenging but rewarding role that makes an impact in the healthcare space but also provides a foundational future in my career growth towards being a leader in the life sciences.

Professional development is at the core of strategy consulting. The teams I have worked with are filled with talented, communicative, hardworking, and thoughtful people. Leaders make an active effort in getting my perspective, making me feel like a valued member of the team.  After the completion of my first year, I was given the opportunity to experience and learn traits of being a leader myself. Over the summer of 2022, I was put in a more senior position to onboard two new hires and an intern for a project. I welcomed this opportunity as a learning experience to cultivate my leadership abilities but also a chance to contribute meaningfully to the project and connect with new colleagues.

We as consultants embody honesty at its core both internally and externally. As consultants it is paramount to be honest. Honesty is foundational in how we are able to be true strategic partners to our clients. We make an impact, providing the facts but also engage with our clients on strategizing the next best step. Internally, our culture is built on honesty. People are not afraid to speak their mind, and there is always room to hear different opinions. This culture of honesty breeds the diverse set of expertise and ideas needed to truly make an impact.

About the Author

Ayah Elmansy is a consultant at Lumanity. She has experience working across a wide variety of therapeutic areas, with a special focus on neurology and rare disease. Similarly, her project experience ranges across the spectrum of drug development. This includes early-stage opportunity assessments and indication prioritization as well as later-stage asset, portfolio & corporate strategy development. 

Outside of the office, Ayah enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and binge-watching the newest TV shows.

Ayah received her BS in Neuroscience and a Certificate in Global Health from Yale University.