Omnichannel Network Engagement Experience

Healthcare Professionals Demand an Exceptional Experience

Scientific discovery is outpacing capacity to apply real-time knowledge and best practices in patient care. At the same time, healthcare professionals (HCPs) have never been more starved for time or inundated by noise. They need every interaction to be meaningful, valuable, and on their terms. One-size-fits-all communication strategies are a thing of the past. Today’s HCPs require seamless, personalized journeys using relevant and impactful content across all channels, devices, and touchpoints.

Dynamic Customer Journeys With ONEE

Lumanity’s holistic end-to-end engagement solution, ONEE, was built from the ground up to meet the diverse needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. ONEE is a powerful engine fit for enterprise strategies yet flexible enough to meet the specific needs of medical affairs, commercial brands, and product portfolios.

Driven by cross-functional experts and proprietary technology, ONEE enables dynamic customer journeys through activation of timely and relevant messaging and rich audience insights.

Benefit from a seamless, tailored experience at every step—from strategy and planning, through creative and activation, and finally reporting.

Optimize and Accelerate Engagement With Personalized Journey Orchestration
Take your engagement strategies further with personalized journey orchestration. Discover how persona development, segmentation, content activation, and analyzing individual attributes and behaviors can fuel personalized experiences. Explore more on this topic with our infographic on personalized journey creation.

Achieve Omnichannel Success With ONEE Source of Truth

Integration of audience data, content, technologies, and analytics is key to omnichannel success. ONEE connects these disparate components into an omnichannel solution that generates unique and memorable customer experiences for your audiences.

A Purpose-built Team

Behind every successful ONEE implementation is a team of experts with deep and complementary skill sets. With flexibility and speed to market in mind, our solution can support end-to-end implementation and be configured to address specific challenges or complement existing processes and technologies.

Work with cross-functional team members, with expertise ranging from commercial and medical affairs to technology and analytics, who share your passion for creating meaningful experiences that engage the communities you serve—all working toward the goal of improving patient health.