Jackie Singley

Head of Engagement, Creative Strategy and Engagement

As the Head of Engagement, Jackie is charged with incorporating audience insights, technological advances, and marketing intelligence to help clients drive deeper brand connections with their customers.

In addition to high-touch engagement solutions, today’s promotional landscape and advanced targeting has made media more personalized which allows precise reach and delivery of relevant messaging. Measurement and performance reporting has advanced as well, allowing her team to understand the different ways promotional segments and individuals interact with various channels, formats, and messaging.

With over 20 years of experience, Jackie brings extensive healthcare planning and buying experience to Lumanity. Her DTC/HCP background spans various therapeutic categories and media channels, both digital and traditional. Previously, Jackie led AOR assignments for AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi. Throughout the years, she has led new corporate introductions, market shaping initiatives, and competitive launches, including several in the hematology/oncology and rare disease space.

Jackie has an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, allowing her to understand the complexities of the healthcare system and various stakeholders. Her educational background paired with industry relationships and digital acumen allows Jackie to share insights with clients on how unique promotional opportunities and ever-changing technologies can be utilized to engage their healthcare customers.