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Patient Advocacy and Engagement

Patients and patient advocacy groups (PAGs) are no longer considered passive participants in our efforts. Instead, they desire inclusion and collaboration at every touchpoint of treatment development, from clinical trial protocols and peer review of research to creation of programs and initiatives intended for their use. We believe that active and ongoing patient engagement will result in more effective and beneficial treatments, and ultimately help improve patient outcomes and overall health. That’s why our patient advocacy and engagement strategies are so important to us—and to you.

We Can Help You:
Optimize Responsive Clinical Trial Strategies

We partner with patient advocacy groups, patient communities, and patients to design, implement, and disseminate meaningful research programs and clinical trials that consider real world experience. From enrollment through data publication, our strategies provide inclusive, collaborative perspectives that enrich research strategies and the overall clinical trial experience for everyone involved.

Leverage Actionable Patient Insights and Engagement

Our ongoing engagement with patients and patient advocacy groups allows us to explore the complexities and nuances of the patient journey. We view their experience from several lenses, including psychosocial and behavioral and not simply as a transactional path. Our work reveals insights that act as a catalyst for action.

Advance Healthcare Interactions
Access Additional Patient-focused Solutions

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