Steven M. Weisman PhD

Global President, Clinical and Regulatory

The regulatory landscape has shifted dramatically since Steve chose to pursue a career supporting the pharmaceutical industry over three decades ago. These changes have included much more sophistication around the evaluation of safety and efficacy and clinical success, and a more highly regulated healthcare marketplace.

Over the years, Steve has built a stellar reputation as a regulatory and medical affairs consultant helping clients achieve productive relationships with regulatory authorities in the United States and around the world. Steve has played a pivotal role working on important initiatives that have contributed to both business success and improvements in public health. Notable examples include his guiding work in expanding the uses of aspirin to include heart attack and stroke prevention, directing efforts to switch some of the world’s leading drugs from prescription to OTC status, and preparing companies for the high stress final stage of drug and device development, the FDA advisory committee review.

Steve holds a PhD in pharmacology from Cornell University and began his career by serving in different private sector roles – including as Global Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs at Bayer Corporation and Director of Strategic Research at Sterling Winthrop Inc.