Hosted by Pullan Consulting and Sharevault

Time: 11:00AM EST
Day: October 13, 2022

Moderator: Linda Pullan, PhD, CEO, Pullan Consulting

Speaker: Jeffrey Bockman, PhD, EVP, BioConsulting, Head of Oncology, Lumanity


Uncertain, tumultuous times, indeed. While there are many important issues we are all certainly discussing, the one front and center for us is the Biotech Winter. It is cold and dark out there, but winter never lasts forever. And in the meantime, companies are retrenching, prioritizing their portfolios, rethinking their clinical development, conserving and often seeking funds. For those developing oncology drugs, a space that has traditionally been white hot for dealmaking, especially early stage ones, the market context may not necessarily rewrite the overall strategy but it might necessitate a good hard look in the mirror, asking questions like:

Is my program sufficiently differentiated?

How can I facilitate value-inflection, risk reduction?

How do I make (and what can I do experimentally) a compelling story, albeit provisionally and prospectively for early stage assets, about the program’s value proposition (avoiding putting lipstick on a pig)?

How do I want to reconsider/balance risk in the current market situation, technical versus commercial?

What is the Pharma buyer or investor looking for?

And so on. In this webinar we will bring together a stellar cast of experienced biotech, pharma and investment folks to have a spirited (maybe even heartwarming) dialogue around these and other issues. So whether you have a very novel Immuno-Oncology program or a twist on a known MOA in precision Oncology, we hope that some nuggets of wisdom will be gleaned from our cozy fireside discussion as the metaphorical snowstorm swirls about us.