Lumanity and Sorcero Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-Powered Medical Strategy and Communications

Press Release Mar 21, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with expert guidance to better support medical affairs by delivering insights rooted in real data for more impactful communications

Washington, DC, March 20, 2024 – Lumanity, a global life sciences strategic services partner, and Sorcero, a leading provider of advanced AI solutions purpose-built for life sciences, today announced a partnership to deliver AI-powered medical strategy and communications by harnessing a number of AI-enabled solutions. Through the partnership, medical affairs can generate exponentially more insights from their data to drive decision-making, and leverage auto-generated Plain Language Summaries (PLS) to deliver more efficient and effective medical communications.

“The role of medical affairs continues to evolve. This discipline now involves insight mapping, managing evidence generation, transforming and personalizing physician engagement, and education – all while integrating patients’ needs and perspectives,” said Michael Parisi, Global Practice Lead, Medical Strategy and Communications at Lumanity. “To realize their potential as a strategic pillar within the life sciences ecosystem, medical affairs teams must harness the rapidly expanding volume of data from multiple sources and quickly distill it into validated insights.”

To power this combined solution, Lumanity will tap into Sorcero’s platform and its application, Sorcero MIM™ (Medical Insights Management), which leverages proprietary, medically-tuned AI. The solution will bring together disparate data sources into a single access point and will enable expert analysis in minutes that can be tracked via real-time dashboards.

This partnership further unlocks the promise of patient-centric publications. Sorcero’s AI-powered PLS service rapidly generates high-quality, more readable initial drafts that align with scientific publications and health literacy best practices. Lumanity’s medical strategy and communications experts then validate, refine, and disseminate these summaries.

“Medical affairs teams are accelerating their efforts to integrate patient needs and perspectives into the next-generation of targeted therapies that depend on patient centricity while also delivering life changing outcomes,” said Richard Graves, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero. “Communicating with stakeholders, such as patient communities, and using plain language that is tailored to them and their needs, is a key starting point for engagement and education.”

The partnership helps meet this imperative by enabling the development of PLS that match the quality of scientific publications while also meeting industry best practices on readability. With this joint approach, the two organizations enable life sciences companies to efficiently deliver accurate, accessible information to patients and non-specialist physicians.”

“We’re excited to leverage Sorcero’s AI platform to develop the foundation of content in PLS,” added Mr. Parisi. “Sorcero’s AI platform combined with the power of our communications and data visualization expertise create a differentiated solution that will help drive engagement and learning for patients, regardless of therapeutic area and data complexity.”

More information about the partnership is available on both the Lumanity and Sorcero websites. Lumanity and Sorcero staff are attending the upcoming Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) Americas Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, held from March 23 to 27, and are also hosting a series of workshops in the US and Europe in the coming months to discuss the evolution of medical affairs by harnessing the power of AI. Please contact us for more information on these upcoming events.


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