Endpoint Outcomes is Now Lumanity

Press Release Sep 26, 2022

New York, NY, September 26, 2022 – Lumanity today announced that Endpoint Outcomes (“Endpoint”), a company specializing in harnessing the voice of patients to document the impact of treatments on health-related quality of life, has adopted the Lumanity brand creating an integrated, global team of health economics and outcomes research (“HEOR”) experts.

Endpoint provides health outcomes research expertise, adding to the existing strength of Lumanity in HEOR and expanding its global reach by adding a strong presence in the U.S. The Lumanity HEOR team now consists of over 200 research scientists, patient recruitment specialists, modelers, statisticians, and psychometricians in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company offers its clients extensive end-to-end value demonstration expertise, including initial portfolio planning, strategy development, clinical outcomes assessment (“COA”), and health technology assessment (“HTA”).

“HEOR is an area of strategic focus for Lumanity, and with the addition of the Endpoint team, we are able to continue to broaden our geographic reach across the U.S. and expand our patient-centered outcomes capabilities across Europe to address both HTA and payer needs globally,” said Nick Sullivan, Global President, HEOR at Lumanity. The HEOR team is now active in the Lumanity Patient Center of Excellence, amplifying the geographic reach of its patient-centered outcomes capabilities and extending its impact across the drug development lifecycle. The Center of Excellence facilitates the sharing of best practices, drives innovation, and ensures the company is providing clients with industry-leading patient engagement and partnership.

Lumanity now delivers 100+ COA studies each year, working across therapeutic areas which include oncology and 45 rare diseases. It has developed patient-reported outcomes (“PROs”) that have received FDA approval for labelling claims in areas such as neurology, rare diseases, and dermatology.

Chris Evans, President of Patient-Centered Outcomes at Lumanity said, “Incorporating the perspectives of patients throughout the drug development process is key to ensuring that medical innovations address the needs of consumers. Collecting information from patients starts as early as phase 1 and continues until after a product is launched. Listening to patients along the drug development pathway ensures that sponsors always keep the perspective of patients at the forefront of their development efforts. I’m proud to be part a company that is dedicated to the advancement of patient-focused research.”

Lumanity HEOR experts will be presenting their research at The International Society for Quality of Life Research’s (“ISOQOL”) 29th Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, and at The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (“ISPOR”) Europe 2022 in Vienna, Austria and will be available to meet to discuss their capabilities in more detail.


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