Lumanity Creates Real World Evidence Global Practice

Press Release Sep 6, 2022

Building on existing expertise in HEOR, market access, and medical affairs to identify fit-for-purpose real world data, and design and implement real world studies in the U.S. and Europe

New York, NY, September 6, 2022 – Lumanity today announced the creation of a new global practice composed of U.S.- and Europe-based experts in real world evidence (RWE) that is dedicated to helping clients identify the right real world data (RWD) and methodologies to generate evidence of value that will facilitate stakeholder decision making.

Lumanity developed this new practice in response to the complex and expanding RWD landscape. New data sources and more complex privacy compliance challenges, as well as the advancement of technology-driven data platforms and solutions, are providing new opportunities to innovate. This evolution of the RWD environment has also led to an increased demand for richer and more unique data, interoperability, access, and insights.

“As the volume and variety of data has drastically increased, these data are often fragmented and exist across different, disparate datasets. Our new RWE Global Practice will partner with our pharmaceutical and biotech clients who need to identify the right real world data and generate evidence to meet stakeholder needs with confidence,” said Gema Parlange, Lumanity’s Chief Commercial and Development Officer, and the Global Practice Lead for RWE.

This new RWE Global Practice will collaborate with data scientists and therapeutic experts from across the organization to provide support for data identification, feasibility and selection, study design, evidence development strategy, as well as data access and analytics in both the U.S., via marketplaces and direct source licensing, and Europe, via established provider networks. The team will also support data analytics and RWE generation for a variety of studies, including: treatment pathways, patient journeys, drug utilization studies, target drug effectiveness, outcomes research, cost of illness, burden of disease and safety, as well as a number of advanced techniques and methods.

“Years ago in the U.S., RWD was limited to a few administrative claims data sets and even fewer sources for clinically rich EMR data, so the challenge then was just getting your hands on the available sources. With the number of providers and potential sources of RWD exploding, the challenge today is knowing which data source and study methodology may best address each specific challenge. Keeping up with the pace of data innovation in and outside of the U.S. has never been more critical,” said Lisa Kerber, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy for the RWE practice.

To complement this new global practice, the Lumanity team is working to develop collaborative relationships with data partners that will provide access to hundreds of sources of real world data in both the U.S. and Europe. The team is in active discussions with multiple providers and expect to release more details soon. In the meantime, the team has stated its intent to continue to grow the team and invest in developing new methods, technologies, and data partnerships to expand the RWE solutions Lumanity offers.

Jon Williams, CEO of Lumanity, said, “I am very excited that we are formally launching this new practice and that we are now able to offer these services to our clients. I look forward to working with our colleagues, industry partners, and clients to create something new, unique, and truly differentiating in this space.”