Lumanity Reorganizes and Expands Strategic Consulting Capabilities

Realigning global, clinical, regulatory, medical, and commercial consulting expertise to facilitate life science clients’ complex commercialization journey
Press Release Jan 22, 2024

Boston, MA., January 22, 2024 – Lumanity, a global strategic services partner, is realigning its strategic consulting capabilities to help clients more effectively create and demonstrate the value of assets throughout the development and commercialization lifecycle.

With the addition of Clarion’s rebranding, Lumanity is realigning its Commercial, Medical Affairs, and Clinical and Regulatory Strategy teams into a single global Strategy Consulting capability.

Lumanity’s Strategy Consulting team helps clients identify and create value inflection points for their assets and organizations throughout the product lifecycle. These inflection points occur at critical investment and execution milestones that ultimately determine the success of a product in the marketplace. The creation of this new Strategy Consulting team best leverages Lumanity’s unique and diverse set of deeply experienced strategists, data luminaries, subject matter experts, and proven problem solvers.

“For our clients to navigate the journey from discovery to patient they must facilitate the alignment and exchange of expertise across a broad set of cross-functional experts,” said Jon Williams, the CEO of Lumanity. “When we bring unique combinations of our cross-functional experts together, we can partner with our clients to help bring their own teams closer together, resulting in better decision making and innovative, best-fit solutions with far greater impact.”

The Strategy Consulting team regularly draws on Lumanity’s broader capabilities and expertise in the areas of value demonstration, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), market access, medical communications, insight, and real-world evidence to assemble and deploy solutions that support the strategic visions of client assets and help demonstrate the value created for all stakeholders.

“Successful value creation for today’s complex assets requires assessment of multiple indication choices, alternative development paths, asset profiles, and clearly defined data requirements often demanded by a broad and global set of clinical, payer, and patient stakeholders. By re-aligning our Strategy Consulting teams under common leadership, we are able to leverage the essential expertise to deliver powerful insights regarding how best to shape each asset and organization for success in the markets of tomorrow,” stated Tom Murtagh, co-founder of Clarion and Joint Global President of Strategy Consulting of Lumanity.

Lumanity’s Strategy Consulting team now consists of over 250 consultants based in the US, UK, and EU. For more information on Lumanity’s strategic consulting capabilities, visit its website.