Moderator: Ed Saltzman, Head, Biotech Strategy, Lumanity


  • Giuseppe Mazza, CEO, Engitix Therapeutics
  • Maina Bhaman, Partner, Sofinnova Partners
  • Arthur Sands, CEO, Nurix Inc.
  • Klaas Zuideveld, CEO, Versameb

After two decades of venture investors primarily funding product-centric companies, now newly hatched companies with disruptive drug discovery platforms but no identified lead assets are raising historically unprecedented financings. Platform companies face numerous strategic development challenges prior to and beyond the point at which the value of tangible product assets ultimately takes over as the principal valuation driver. The rewards of developing a compelling corporate development strategy can be considerable, since strategically developed platforms are capable of generating enterprise value both more rapidly and expansively than conventional “phase transition” asset development. Early-stage investors and platform company CEOs discuss the strategic imperatives in extracting optimal near and long-term value from discovery platforms.

• Determining and executing near-term preclinical studies

• Selecting and prioritising therapeutic area(s), disease(s) and indication(s)

• Taking a portfolio approach to platform vs target risk

• Developing a proactive strategy to utilize partnering as a strategic value multiplier