Even the most well-intentioned brand plans can lose sight of the forest for the trees or fail to gain the buy-in needed to realize your strategy. Providing an objective critical lens can help ensure your brand plan provides your team with a clear route to success.

Lumanity can offer an objective, third-party perspective to pressure test the plan, ensuring it can withstand future environmental and competitive challenges whilst identifying areas of strength and weakness to address as we build for the future.

We can help you

Provide perspective
Offer an objective, third party perspective on brand plan robustness and clarity of communication
Pressure test
Pressure test plans to ensure they withstand the current and future environmental and competitive landscape
Focus on the future
Provide view on areas of strength and weakness of plan and priorities to focus on for next cycle

Our approach to brand plan audit

Overall plan retrospective

Review last year’s plan in light of market and brand evolution with a view to identifying key learnings and areas of focus for this cycle.

Deep dive on data and analysis

Review the data and analysis to understand degree of rigor, appropriateness of analysis, and soundness of interpretation.

Assessment of suitability/clarity of strategy

Consider whether strategy adequately addresses the environmental and competitive challenges, and whether it provides clear direction and makes clear choices.

Evaluation of story flow and cohesiveness

Assess the extent to which the plan has a logical flow based on best practice planning and how conclusions follow from one section to the next.

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