Companies are increasingly choosing novel endpoints to demonstrate the efficacy of their products. However, these novel endpoints pose a huge challenge for reimbursement agencies as they lack convincing evidence on their link to outcomes of interest for payers, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Without this evidence companies face market access hurdles as reimbursement agencies will often reject applications, give restricted approvals, or delay reimbursement.

Real world evidence (RWE) is a useful tool to help companies mitigate these risks. A common challenge is finding the right real world data set as addressing these types of evidence gaps requires sufficient sample size, long-term follow-up, and granular clinical information on population characteristics and outcomes.

Lumanity and the PHARMO Institute are partnering to deliver research insights to validate novel surrogate endpoints. Our data is well-suited for this type of research:

    • Coverage: currently covers > 7 million active persons

    • Longitudinal: data from 2002 onwards (20+ years)

    • Clinically rich: ability to follow through multiple healthcare settings including linkages to national pathology, cancer, and mortality registries

RWE is one part of our de-risking strategy support that we provide to companies.

Download our one-pager and email us at for more information and/or to discuss your research needs in validating novel surrogate endpoints.

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