Strategic portfolio and brand planning requires expert navigation across multiple information sources, fast evolving markets, changing stakeholders and the internal cross-functional environment.

We partner with you and your teams to provide innovative thinking, experienced resource and planning ‘know-how’ to deliver clear, robust strategy that differentiates your brand in the minds and experiences of your customers.

We can help you

Develop your winning portfolio or brand strategy
We partner with your cross-functional team to build your strategy, provide fresh insights, challenge thinking and validate ideas – behind the scenes and through innovative and interactive workshops.
Transform your planning framework and process
We have a wealth of experience in developing new core strategic planning frameworks for organizations and brands – embedding best-in-class process and thinking.
Audit and pressure test your existing plans
We can work with your core team to assess and pressure test current plans – delivering clear and pragmatic recommendations.

Our Red Thread Planning™ philosophy is founded on best practice strategic principles – ensuring your plan hardwires environmental changes and customer insights into your strategy and tactical plans.

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With three decades of experience, Lumanity can help you realize the full potential of your brand. Contact us today.

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