This year, Rare Disease Day falls on February 29 – truly the rarest day of the year. Rare Disease Day raises awareness for rare diseases and improving access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families.

Lumanity is committed to amplifying the voices of people living with a rare condition, and using our ’29 stories’ initiative, we seek to alleviate feelings of isolation, drive awareness for rare diseases, and facilitate more open and authentic conversations about the impact on patients and families.

In bringing your story into the spotlight, we help share information on rare diseases and support the community. Submissions are open to any individual as well as parents and caregivers of individuals living with a rare disease.

We invite you to submit your unique experiences and wisdom through a series of quick and insightful questions. If you or anyone you know would like to submit a story, please click on ‘submit your story’ and please feel free to e-mail if you have any questions.