From Cancer Progress 2021

Moderator: Joel Sandler, PhD, Principal, BioConsulting, Cancer Cell Therapy Lead, Lumanity


  • Sharon Benzeno, PhD, MBA, Chief Business Development Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.
  • John Delyani, PhD, MBA, VP, Corporate Development, Tminuty Therapeutics Inc
  • Stanley R. Frankel, MD, FACP, CMO, Cytovia
  • Kirsten Kester, VP, BD, Obsidian Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Mythili Koneru, MD, PhD, CMO, Marker Therapeutics
  • Peter Sandor, MD, MBA, SVP, Primary Focus Lead Immuno-oncology, Astellas

Perhaps more so than any other modality to date, cancer cell therapies have captured the imaginations and wherewithal of industry, investor, and oncology stakeholders alike for their perceived ability to drive a robust and tailored antitumor immune response across varied oncology settings. Given the amount of crowding around a limited number of heme malignancy targets (CD19, BCMA), however, competition in this arena will continue to be prohibitive for all but a few until the utility of cell therapies finally begins to encompass at least some if not significant potential across solid tumors. Early signs of clinical success from TILs and TCR-T cells have underscored potential for broader utility across solid tumor settings, but wins will be hard fought until replicable and scalable modalities find their footing.