Whether facing new competition or existing adversaries, planning your move in complex competitive space requires skilled analysis and focus to anticipate, prepare and respond to the challenges ahead.

Lumanity are experts at assessing your competitive landscape and asking the right questions.  We guide you and your teams beyond the obvious, helping you make confident strategic decisions on how to win in the competitive environment.

We can help you

Define the competitive challenges that will have the biggest impact on your asset
Generate fresh insights on selected competitors and create a hypothesis for plausible future scenarios (supplemented by new primary and secondary research as needed)
Decode your competitor(s) strategy through diver techniques to develop a thorough understand of how your competitors think and act
Distil the implications for your strategy and help you build out a winning response plan
Create a robust competitor plan with the actions needed to deliver against the choices you’ve made
Create your dashboard to track competitor moves and adapt where necessary, staying one step ahead of the competition

Competitoroom™ is the cornerstone of each bespoke engagement – a competitive immersion in which cross-functional teams anticipate competitor actions and reactions and explore the implications for your brands.

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