This MA Pulse “Playback” companion complements our Medical Affairs Unscripted podcast episode, “Investing in Medical Affairs” with John Yee, MD, MPH, Senior VP, Medical Affairs at Apnimed, Inc.

Hosted by Peg Crowley-Nowick PhD, MBA—President of Medical Affairs Consulting and Head of Medical Affairs at Lumanity—the episode focuses on the indispensable role of Medical Affairs. Peg and John emphasize whether your drug is in an early development phase or in the lifecycle management phase, it is important to know when and how to invest in Medical Affairs.

Together, they portray Medical Affairs as a bridge uniting all functions, positioned uniquely at the crossroads of medicine, science, and business. This “Playback” details seven important takeaways from this episode, and includes three critical traits of what Dr. Yee calls a “triple threat:” masterful in scientific excellence, business insight, and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Yee’s and Dr. Crowley-Nowick’s first-hand experiences offer a rich reservoir of knowledge, making this episode a must-listen for CMOs and those keen on Medical Affairs. This companion article ensures you have easy access to the key takeaways and tips from the episode.

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