This MA Pulse “Playback” companion complements our Medical Affairs Unscripted podcast episode, “The Role of Medical Affairs and MSLs in Clinical Trial Enrollment” with Dan Hennessey, PhD, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Merus N.V.

Hosted by Peg Crowley-Nowick PhD, MBA—President of Medical Affairs Consulting and Head of Medical Affairs at Lumanity— this episode of Medical Affairs Unscripted emphasizes the pivotal role of MSLs in driving clinical trial enrollment and success. Peg and Dan highlight key strategies, including early MSL involvement, cross-functional collaboration, and leveraging local expertise. By fostering scientific dialogue and building relationships with key stakeholders, MSLs play a critical role in bridging the gap between clinical development and real-world practice. This episode underscores the importance of investing in MSL training and establishing long-term relationships to optimize trial enrollment efforts and enhance the overall success of clinical development initiatives.

Having a clinical trial that is properly supported and engaged is no easy feat, but accomplishing this can greatly improve the success of an asset.

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