Presented by Cello Health BioConsulting, now part of Lumanity


  • Danielle Marra, MS, MBA, Principal, Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disease, Practice Co-Lead
  • David Lomb, PhD, Principal, Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disease, Practice Co-Lead


  • Roly Foulkes, PhD, CSO, Revolo Biotherapeutics
  • Adam Keeney, PhD, President, CEO, NodThera
  • Steven Nichtberger, MD, President, CEO, Co-Founder, Cabaletta Bio

Major advances in technology and our understanding of the immune system are ushering in an exciting new era of immunomodulatory approaches for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. These include cell-based therapies, antigen-specific immune tolerizing drugs, and novel antibodies or small molecules that go beyond the traditional cytokine-targeting approaches that are often standard of care today. An array of new companies is entering the field with lofty aspirations ranging from long-term remission to prevention or halting of disease progression, even one-and-done cures. While we appear to be on the verge of potentially paradigm-shifting treatments, several key issues and questions remain: What are the commercial and regulatory challenges that these novel technologies face and what can we learn from those who are blazing the trail forward? In which of the greater than 100 distinct autoimmune and inflammatory diseases should companies with novel technology focus their development efforts? What is the magnitude of clinical benefit physicians and payers will require to replace or augment the entrenched standard of care in the big established markets (e.g., RA, MS)? How can this new wave of pioneering, yet potentially expensive technologies overcome the market access challenges and restrictions that riddle the field today? Join our webinar as we look to address these issues and discuss the exciting potential of these innovative approaches to autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.