Have your ‘finger on the pulse’ in the digital space

Our newly developed syndicated research program is designed to assist in meeting your strategic objectives at key stages of product lifecycle, building upon our extensive experience in both the digital and healthcare space.


Based on social media and digital data sources, Sonar offers regular comprehensive market reports focused on therapeutic areas, industry trends, events and conferences. Sonar provides ongoing access to high-level trends and signals across the social media and digital space, from multiple stakeholder and company perspectives, providing insight into the macro issues that matter most.


Engage offers HCP omni-channel tracking to understand channel use. Insight led reporting goes beyond solely focusing on frequency and utilization metrics, to reveal HCP perceptions of the value, trustworthiness, engagement and satisfaction of the channels they use.

Engage can help you uncover what HCPs see as unmet needs when searching for  reliable information, how companies are viewed, and who offers ‘gold standard’ engagements?

Contact us at contact@lumanity.com to find out how our customizable reports can help boost your engagement strategy, identify potential opportunities and mitigate business risks.