Illuminate the Lived Patient Experience to Inform Commercialization Decisions and Improve Health Outcomes: Introducing Lumanity’s Pathway

Announcements Jul 18, 2023

We are pleased to introduce Lumanity’s Pathway, a brand-new web-based tool designed to help patients map their lived experience with a disease or condition over time. Pathway allows our biopharmaceutical clients to understand the patient journey like never before through patient-directed insights.

Pathway puts the power in the hands of patients and caregivers, enabling them to share the moments that matter most throughout their health journey. This comprehensive tool offers a deep understanding of what is needed to navigate the healthcare system when living with a disease, shedding light on the multifaceted impact of the disease on quality of life.

According to Angela Wheeler, president of Lumanity’s Insight business, “Uncovering deep and meaningful patient insights is at the heart of what we do here at Lumanity; Pathway not only offers a way to streamline the process, but also enables those powerful patient and caregiver insights to occur at scale.”

With Pathway, you can understand and track who, when, and why patients interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Map the patient flow, time to diagnosis, and frequency of visits to determine leverage points and identify opportunities. Understand patients’ needs at critical stages in the journey to inform healthcare decision-making and provide desired support. Gain insight into the emotional impact and disease burden experienced during crucial milestones in the patient’s healthcare journey.

Angela adds, “Pathway includes some incredible features – the tool is accessible from any device, is super user-friendly, and truly brings the patient experience to life with multimedia. An intuitive dashboard and advanced analytics empower clients to uncover valuable insights for data-driven decisions.”

Understand your patients’ journey like never before with Pathway. Learn more.