The client

Precommercial biotech with differentiated platforms for soluble TCRs (T-cell receptors), bifunctional TCRs, and TCR cell therapies. Positioning could range across a variety of cancer types and settings, targeting various known and/or novel cell surface targets.

Business challenge

The company was looking for a deeper, holistic understanding of the potential optimal clinical development and combination strategies moving forward. They wanted to understand which of a selected handful of targets (some novel, some not) and the best allied technology of the client (standard biologic or cell-based therapy) should be paired, and which indications should be pursued for this innovative but early-stage discovery and platform biotech to best drive company value.

Additionally, the company needed to identify key differentiating features of the platform within the context of current and future unmet needs and the rapidly evolving competitive landscape to ensure that the platform had continued clinical relevance.

Our approach

Working with the head of BD, the CSO, and the Clinical Development team, we:

  • Vetted the biology/mechanistic aspects and clinical relevance of key targets
  • Identified key supporting data
  • Aligned data sets with tumor settings, clinical development, commercial considerations, and unmet needs
  • Developed a value proposition for each potential modality

Additionally, the team undertook extensive analytics to identify potential targets, modality and indications – and developed customized scoring criteria to better understand the relative attractiveness for each opportunity at a holistic level.

Provided support and insights to underpin relevant scientific, clinical, and commercial considerations, as well as actionable recommendations.

Valued outcome

Provided a well-supported, holistic tool to identify most attractive targets, modalities, and indications to be pursued using their novel platforms.
Enabled ability to generate rank-ordered lists and diversified suite of candidates associated with alternative corporate priorities such as speed to market, attractiveness to potential partners, commercial potential, or competitive gaps.
Subsequent major pharma deals have been done around the programs we helped prioritize, as well as an IPO and additional financing.