A medical device client reached out to us to build a PR campaign to support their range of medical devices, focusing on people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Impressed by our work and breadth of capabilities, the client tapped into a range of other Lumanity offerings, enabling them to not only have a comprehensive MS campaign, but to also start strategizing at the portfolio level across a breadth of therapeutic areas. Read the story below.

Tapping into a Spectrum of Support

  • Our Stripe Communications team was initially asked to design a PR campaign. They enhanced the campaign by bringing in Lumanity experts with deep working expertise in the MS space. After exceeding expectations for the initial campaign, the client introduced other challenges they needed support on.
  • The client wanted to understand patient personas within the MS population that would help them identify target profiles. Our social media and analytics experts used a bespoke methodology to analyze online patient conversation from public social media, creating detailed persona profiles including key messages for the MS therapeutic area.
  • We took it a step further by running an immersion and activation workshop with the client’s global team to review the work and zero-in on precise target persona profiles and key messages.
  • The client also needed a value proposition that could sit across all their therapeutic areas and service offerings to act as their north star. Lumanity’s consulting experts worked hand-in-hand with the client to create this, which included recommendations for service redesign, their organizational structure and utilizing their cross-functional capabilities.
  • The value proposition provided the strategic framework necessary for external communications, which is where our communications experts stepped in to work alongside our consultants on customer-facing service offerings. The consultants steered a strategic narrative that resulted in a messaging toolkit of key and supporting messages to ensure their professional/patient target audiences were getting the right, reinforced messages. This collaboration of consulting and communication expertise ensured the pull-through of the value proposition and strategy to the tactical execution of the service value proposition.
  • Other Lumanity experts are now reviewing and supporting opportunities in segmentation, account targeting, internal roll-out and training, and branding.


An engaging PR campaign
MS patient persona profiles to target
An overarching value proposition for the product portfolio
Key messaging toolkit for their customer facing support services