Focus Area Hematology

The Client

A US-based pharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing therapies for the treatment of hematological, respiratory and neurological disorders


Having acquired the asset with only ~18 months to launch, the client needed a simple solution to rapidly build global and regional cross-functional launch plans and a user-friendly system to manage their execution – a real-time ‘’single source of truth’ to identify issues and assess readiness to launch

Our Approach

  • Working with cross-functional global and regional teams, we developed integrated go-to-market launch plans, which were then uploaded to the Ignite™ launch management platform
  • Cross-functional country and global leads were trained on how to use the platform and integrate it into ways of working
  • With the plan hosted in the platform, launch teams were able to have real-time visibility on plan execution – using progress reports to identify areas of risk/success and status of interdependent activities, directing energy and resource to where it was needed to keep the plan on track
  • As part of our support, we validated the plans, identifying any key gaps that needed to be addressed
  • We also chaired a bi-weekly cross-functional launch planning meeting, utilizing automatically generated dashboard and activity status reports to drive launch decisions and discussion to resolve issues and bottlenecks

Key Outcomes

Rapid development of the global, integrated launch plan for the client’s newly acquired asset – providing ‘one version of the truth’
Through Ignite, an online launch management platform to give all key stakeholders visibility of launch readiness across global and regional teams, and the ability to identify areas for focus and potential risk in real-time
The client acknowledged Ignite the engagement and deliverables as ‘best practice’ launch management, and championed the successful role out to other pre-launch brands in the company

Assess and manage your launch plan in real-time with Ignite™. Connect and support your launch teams with technology that enhances visibility across the launch strategy and plan. Create opportunities for deep cross-functional team discussions with clear, informed, and dynamic decision-making tools so that you can deliver medicines to patients sooner. Tap into the Ignite insights you need for smart decisions and superior launch results. 

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