Focus Area Oncology

The Client

  • Commercial biotech mono and bispecific platform company has a wide-range of targets that they hope to target with their next-gen bispecific-antibody


  • PD-1/L1 + CTLA-4 antibody combo has limitations due to the high irAEs that the combo causes, but with increasing competition by other
  • PD-1/L1 combos and sequencing/ lowering dose of existing PD-1 +CTLA-4 combo, the client was unsure whether they could build a credible, financeable story around the clinical value of next gen PD-L1 + CTLA-4 programs, whether combination agents or bispecific.


  • Dive into the IO clinical development landscape to better understand the value of combining the two targets across indications and also other PD-1/L1 combos
  • Identify the opportunities and risks of developing a bispecific agent

Valued Outcome

  • Client gained a strategic perspective to the potential development of such a combination and realized that with the number of IO combination trials ongoing, CTLA-4 as a preferred combo partner to PD-1/L1 may not last
  • A bispecific may be limiting to CTLA-4 efficacy by localization to TME and lack of dosing flexibility for safety
  • Separate products might offer unique flexibility
  • Programs in advanced stages