As part of the larger consumer Pre-Exposure Prophylactic (PrEP) journey program, our client wanted to specifically understand how cis and trans women view sexual health, safe sex, STI/STDs and HIV awareness and prevention.


Creating two separate work-streams, Lumanity completed a comprehensive pathway of both cis and trans women to understand how they view sexual health, how they negotiate safe sex, where they go when they fear they have an STI, and who is taking / discussing PrEP online.


Key differences between trans and cis women identified, as well as similarities that connect the two when compared to the MSM population – uncovering key barriers to PrEP and actionable recommendations focused on future communications and long-term strategy.

We’ve appreciated the collaboration that the Lumanity team has brought on the social media analysis.  The social media analysis has provided us access to consumers who are traditionally less heard and understanding of delicate topics around sexual health that we could not surface through traditional qualitative interviews.”

– Client