Next Wave Anti-Cancer Therapies: Part I
The following is the first in what will be a serialized sequence of contributions from Jeff Bockman and Joel Sandler, in which we discuss next-wave biologics (proteins, cell therapies) and associated platform technologies including diagnostics that collectively appear poised to upend our entire approach to the management of cancer. Each subsequent contribution will be informed both by our understanding of emerging technologies and firsthand discussions with many of the leading innovator companies developing them. Companies of the likes of Tidal/Sanofi, Aleta, Obsidian, Abintus, Spotlight, Strand, and Xyphos/Astellas. We’ve spoken with them all, and while each offers a unique vision of the future, common themes are beginning to emerge.
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What is the Role of Health Literacy in the Era of COVID?
October is Health Literacy Month, and if current events this year have proven anything, it is that health literacy is more important than ever. Before discussing the timely circumstances, let us first backtrack for a moment and understand this concept. Health literacy can be defined as an individual’s ability to comprehend and communicate basic health information. Recently however, the definition has been expanded to include both personal health literacy and organizational health literacy. Personal health literacy is the extent to which an individual understands health related information, which informs their actions. As for organizational health literacy, this is the extent an organization provides individuals with health-related information, so they can make educated decisions about their health. Therefore, these two pieces of health literacy are intrinsically tied to each other.
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