Focus Area Oncology

The Client

  • Biotechnology company with cell biology and genetic engineering platform developing a new generation of engineered cell therapies
  • Core therapeutic areas include neurology, cardiology, and immunology


  • Develop defensible rationale and actionable plan to validate and leverage technology platform in AIID
  • Assess and prioritize AIID indications (>150) based on relevance to technology platform and greatest therapeutic and commercial potential
  • Develop target product profiles (TPPs) for top indications


  • Assess technology platform and ID complementary autoimmune and inflammatory disease indications
  • Evaluate, rank and prioritize indications based on scientific, clinical/regulatory and payer/market criteria
  • Detailed assessments on prioritized indications and final indication rankings and development of TPPs

Valued Outcome

  • Understanding of AIID landscape and competitive positioning of  client’s platform within landscape
  • Selection of top AIID indications to best leverage technology platform and generate greatest near- and long-term value
  • TPPs to inform development plan and differentiation